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Proudly Serving Prince George's County, MD Since 2018.


No one person or organization can serve everyone. We depend on our community collaborations and partnerships to ensure we effectively meet the needs of our clients and those who engage with our programs and services. If you are in need of a resource that is not listed, please call us on our helpline: (866) WER-1441. 

Housing Resources

1441 Helpline: 1-866-WER-1441

Unhoused Shelter Hotline: 1-888-731-0999

Substance Abuse Hope House: 1-888-813-6404 (option 3)

Rap Incorporated: 202-462-7500


Transportation Resources

Prince Georges County's TheBus: click here

The Arc Prince George's County: click here


Clothing Resources

Community Outreach and Development: 301-735-0121

Mission of Love Charities: 301-333-4440

SHABACH! Ministries: 301-386-9400

National Children's Center: 301-341-4646


Employment Resources

Employ Prince George's: 301-618-8400 or click here

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