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A Message From the
Founder & Executive Director 

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Greetings community and staff,


As the Executive Director of 1441 Incorporated, I have the opportunity to oversee the implementation of culturally competent and compassionate programs and services for some of our most disenfranchised and disconnected citizens. Born out of a vision from my personal experiences, the 1441 model instills within our community members the principles of self-sufficiency to become active and positive participants of society.


We envision a world where returning citizens, the homeless, and youth impacted by the criminal justice system can overcome their adversities, live healthy lives, and positively impact their communities. We encourage community members and staff to develop solutions by involving individual human perspectives and emotions to help break cycles of homelessness, recidivism, and substance abuse.

Leadership requires an intentional investment in the lives of the people we serve. I commit to those that interact with 1441 in any capacity, that we will always model compassion, seek to understand the full individual, listen with empathy, and lead with strategy. As we work to implement our 5-year strategic plan, it is our goal to become a trusted and respected partner within the eco-system of community-based organizations, government entities, and private industries that are focused on uplifting and empowering the citizens of Prince George’s County, MD and the Washington, D.C. metro area.


We look forward to becoming a beacon of hope and faithful support system for all humans that need our help, and it is my highest honor to lead this organization. I welcome you to join me on this journey.





Andre Gore

Executive Director

1441 Incorporated

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